Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bluebeard's Dollhouse by Combustible Company at the James J. Hill House - TCTB Review Roundup

"It’s a haunted house, but the haunting is inside the characters." -Kym Longhi. Read what the Twin Cities Theater Bloggers have to say about Bluebeard's Dollhouse performed at the James J. Hill House.
Ticket prices start at just $17 and support the nonprofit event, but space is limited to approximately 35 tickets for each show since the audience moves around the house with the actors, so get your group of friends together and grab your tickets fast. - Kendra Plant with Artfully Engaging
Artfully Engaging also offers an artist Q&A with Erik Hoover, Co-Artistic Director of Combustible Company and he's producing and performing in Bluebeard’s Dollhouse.
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