Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tot: The Untold, Yet Spectacular Story of (A Filipino) Hulk Hogan by Mu Performing Arts: TCTB Review Roundup

Our bloggers had some differing opinions about Mu Performing Arts' new play TOT: THE UNTOLD, YET SPECTACULAR STORY OF (A FILIPINO) HULK HOGAN. They wrote: "sometimes, theater isn’t easy to watch and it’s nice to have a show that challenges the audience and disrupts traditional storytelling methods" and " tot is a bumpy ride with some kinks to work out, but was visually interesting and emotionally striking." Take a chance on a new play and tell us what you think. Playing through this weekend only at Park Square Theatre.

The Room Where It Happenshttp://bit.ly/tot_room
Cherry and Spoonhttp://bit.ly/tot_cherry
Minnesota Theater Lovehttp://bit.ly/tot_love
Aisle Say Twin Citieshttp://bit.ly/tot_aisle
Compendium: http://bit.ly/tot_comp
Artfully Engaging: http://bit.ly/tot_art

(photo by Keri Pickett)